7 Reasons to Select Carolina Hearing Doctors – An Audiology Practice

1. We Understand Hearing Loss
I am an audiologist, not a medical doctor or surgeon.  As an audiologist for 20 years I have helped thousands of people with hearing loss. I am familiar with the specific needs of people with varying degrees of hearing difficulties, from mild clarity issues to more significant severe hearing loss.

2. Top Technical Know-How
I am an expert who understands the intricacies of hearing, communication problems, and technology that can improve both. If a medical issue is creating your hearing loss I will refer you to your physician or a specialty ear surgeon who understand the medical issues that lead to hearing loss.

3. We Solve Problems Efficiently
My mission is simple: to improve your hearing efficiently, comfortably, and professionally. We schedule your appointments at times that are convenient to you and then expect to see you on time. You will not be crammed into a schedule full of people with other problems or illness. We are dedicated to hearing and solving hearing problems.

4. We Solve Problems Comfortably
We purposefully made our office welcoming and pleasant with parking directly in front of our offices with wheelchair and walker access.  Since our offices are not huge you are able to move in and out with ease.  Comfort also refers to our attitude. Each one of us – Dr. Mills, Sue Ann, Paula, & Kelly – have all worked with people with hearing loss for many years and can answer most questions immediately and accurately.  Lastly, we like working with people and we think this shows.

5.  We solve Problems Professionally
As a Doctor of Audiology I approach hearing loss as a quality of life issue, not as an opportunity to sell you something. 15% of hearing loss is medically treatable and it is important to determine if you have a treatable condition. If hearing aids are the most appropriate way to improve your hearing I will guide you to the best hearing aids for you.

6.  Plainspoken and Clear

I believe in making sure that you understand as much about your hearing as you need. Explanations about your hearing are easy to understand.  If hearing aids are your best solution I will provide thorough and honest descriptions of your choices and help you make the best decision for your particular problem.

7.  No Pressure
Hearing improvement is not a sales opportunity. It is an occasion for me to help you learn about your problem and the best ways to improve those lost connections and moments in your life.