Regain your connection with the outside world

Tired of Yelling at Your Loved One?

Regain your connection with the outside world Regain your connection with the outside world

Tired of Yelling at Your Loved One?

It may not be their fault. Dr. Scott Mills will spend quality time helping to diagnose and overcome the hearing challenges you face.

Tired of Yelling at Your Loved One? Tired of Yelling at Your Loved One?

Your hearing affects your relationships

We're here to help you or a loved one regain the dignity and intimacy that comes from hearing clearly. Don't wait any longer, call for an appointment today.

Your hearing affects your relationships Your hearing affects your relationships

We Are Carolina Hearing Doctors


Carolina Hearing Doctors, An Audiology Practice,
is your place to regain Remarkable Hearing. We have everything you need to know about hearing loss, hearing aids, and hearing enhancement.

Hearing AidsWe know that an informed educated patient is our BEST patient. Discover exactly what you need to know before even considering a visit for examination. Our website features two ways to learn; reading or video. Read on or just click the video image to the right for an interactive presentation.

Carolina Hearing Doctors,  An Audiology Practice, provides hearing aids, hearing tests, hearing care, and hearing protection in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Since 1988, Audiologist Dr. Scott Mills has helped thousands of piedmont residents enhance lost hearing and word clarity.  Using his technical ability and professionalism he can solve even the most challenging hearing problems.

Carolina Hearing Doctors is the best choice as a hearing doctor in Winston-Salem and Clemmons, period. This website will try to explain why but you simply have to experience us firsthand. If you have been to other places you’ll understand how and why we are different after just one visit.

As your Audiologist…

We have a few goals in mind for each and every person we see.

1. You will receive exactly what meets your personal needs.

  • If medical/surgical treatment is appropriate we will refer you to the best regional ear surgeons.
  • If hearing aids are more appropriate we will completely discuss the options and provide realistic recommendations for your hearing and finances.
  • If your hearing test shows normal hearing or mild hearing loss needing no attention, we will give you that reassurance!

2. You will completely understand your hearing problem, its causes, and best treatments.

We will also discuss the best ways to preserve your remaining hearing to avoid further hearing loss. We explain everything in clear English so there is no mystery about your problem or solution.

3.  We are successful with 97% of people.

97% of people we work with are successful with their hearing aids.  With our well-planned program, from initial evaluation to hearing aid selection, fitting, and verification, all the way to final check-ups — 97% of people receive so much improvement that they keep their hearing aids.  The other 3% receive our best efforts but decide to return them for refund.

We consistently offer the best, realistic solutions to improve your hearing. No gimmicks, no misleading promises— just personal, professional care that works with 97% of candidates.

Although there are other choices in Audiology and hearing care in Winston-Salem, you are unlikely to find anyone with our blend of professionalism, genuine personal attention, and technical ability.

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